Jim's Engraving
Jim's Engraving


The following are the most popular items that I make, if you have something different in mind let me know what it is and I'll work up a price for you.


For the wood base I stock oak, cherry, mahogany and walnut, your choice.



4" x 12" base with 4" x 8" plaque $180.00









 For a limited time only, the frame below will be at no charge, this is normally $25.00 option.  This applies to all orders using a glass plaque taller than 6 inches.

4" x 12" base with 8"x 8" plaque with back lighting and frame, $205.00  

















4" x 14" base with a world time clock, $250.00 .


















4" x 15" base for tube $250.00
















4" x 16" with 2 plaques $250.00 to $275.00






























This is a 3 x 6 x 16 mahogany base with a 4-1000 tube

















































I also have a very nice looking 15 oz coffee mug that is white with a black handle and black rim for $24.00 as well as a 13 oz. beer stein for the same price.


I can get many different color coffee mugs, but only do that for orders of a case or more, the price per cup will be lower as well.



















If space is a problem, this item is available with a 4" x 9" base and a 3" x 6" engraved plaque For $160.00.














Plaques taller than about 6 1/2 inches don't light up all the way to the top of the glass so  I'm now back lighting plaques taller than 6 1/2 inches with a matching wood frame around the plaque like the one to the left, N3FJP.


The reason for this is with the led's on the bottom they simply don't light up the plaque evenly, back lighting does.


The extra  charge for this is $25.00. I can do it without the frame and back lighting if you wish..



















This clock can be replaced with a plain face clock if you prefer. 




















The price shown is if you supply the tube.   If you don't have a tube, let me know and I'll send you a list of what I currently have in stock and what your cost will be.

I do have a small supply in stock but they change so often that I can't list them here.  










 The price shown is if you want the led's on both plaques to run off of one controller.   If you want them to light up using two controllers the price is $245.00.   add $24.00. Two controllers allow you to control each plaque seperately.













If you have a larger tube like an 833A or a 4-1000, I can make a much larger 3" x 6" x 16" base for $290.00, if you supply the tube. If you don't have a tube, the price will be based on what I have to pay for the tube.  I do have a couple suppliers that provide me with dead and dying 833A and 4-1000 tubes from time to time.  They are getting harder and harder to find.













If you prefer a clock, no problem, the price is $290.00 this price is if you supply the tube and if I do, the price for the tube will be what I paid for it.




















 I can even engrave the tube if  you wish,  this is a $45.00 option.  Engraving on the tube is a way to have your call sign engraved if you want a clock instead of the engraved plaque.

The picture doesn't do it justice, I'm not a great photographer, but working on it.


Christmas is coming and I always have a major rush in December for Christmas gifts that don't usually get delivered on time, from now until November 30, I'll take 10% off of the regular price for any Chistmas gift or personal order.   This is a good savings over the regular price.

If you want a display for yourself as well as one or more as a gift, I'll take an additional 5% off the entire order.   This does not apply to vacuum tubes, crystal globes or clocks as I normally sell them to you for what I pay for them.  


Shipping extra and Illinois sales tax is applied if you live in Illinois.  







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