The above is a 3" x 6" x 12" mahogany base with an 833A tube that lights up from the bottom using multi color led's that you operate with the included remote control.   The multi color led's use the basic colors, red, green and blue to get white as well as various shades of those colors.  The price for this is $290.00 if you supply the tube.


What can I build for you?  I'll do my best to make your ideas a reality. 






The base and engraved glass plaque combo to the right is the most basic that I make, it's a 4" x 12" base and the 4" x 8". glass plaque


This is also available with a 4" x 9" base and a 3" x 6" glass plaque if space is limited in your shack






If you would like to put the ARRL, ARES, MARS, AMSAT or possibility your local club logo between your call sign and name, I can engrave any of them on a 8" x 8" plaque.  


Click on the Ham Art button at the top of this page for a nice selection of ham art that I can use.

All bases come with multi-color led's that have the 4 basic colors, white, blue, green and red.  From these 4 colors, you can get the various shades of each color using an included remote control.

Check out the multi-color LED's on this youtube video:






4 x 11 base with a 7 x 8 engraved mirror.

The above base with 2 plaques has 2 seperate strips of led's and 2 controllers so that  you can light up the engraving with different colors.  The picture doesn't do the base and engraved plaques justice, I'm not a professional photographer but am working on improving my photography skills.


For more information or to order, please click on the Contact Us button at the top of the page.


Phone calls are ok, but I prefer email contacts as I have terrible hearing and more than likely, I'll have to ask you to repeat yourself many times.   My phone number is 618-409-8284.



  Thank You for your understanding




Jim's Engraving
Jim's Engraving

William Burnstein KB1PXU sent me a brand new 833A tube and wanted me to use the tube as display clock , the clock on the left is what I came up with.  Below are his comments on the day it arrived at his home.  This is the second project that I've done for Will.


Monday, November 26, 2012 5:16 PM

To: 'Jim'

Subject: RECEIVED  


I just received your artwork a little while ago.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  The picture did not do it justice.  The clock height turned out to be perfect next to the 833A.  I was initially concerned that the LEDs would not light up the tube because of its size.  It does a great job.  I could not be more pleased with this.  Every time I look at it I'm in disbelief.  Thank you very much for all your time a patience on this project.  I will be leaving an  e-ham review on this and also the mirror call sign that you made for me.  

I could not be more pleased.










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