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Leo Laporte TWIT.TV
4 x 11 mahogany base with 4 x 8 engraved mirror
Gordon West WB6NOA
4 x 11 inch mahogany base with 7 x 8 inch engraved mirror






Hi Jim .

Your great work will be on display at Dayton, on stage, where I do several " shows " , and let's hope we can sell some products !    




I have been meaning to reply to let you know that the package arrived safely.


I saw these on Ham Nation at Gordo's and Leo's stations and thought they looked good.


Frankly, the TV/Podcast doesn't do them justice. In person, they are so much nicer. I am absolutely pleased with it,

and am proud to have it on my operating desk.


Thank you for excellent service and an outstanding product.





 Hi Jim,

I received your wonderful creation yesterday (Monday) and I am most pleased with your product!  Thank you so much for your excellent workmanship and care in its production.  I love the multi-colors that emanate from the mirrored glass.  It definitely holds a place of honor in my shack and adds a glowing beauty that is so beautiful to behold.  It  reminds me of the glow of the mercury vapor tubes in an old boat anchor type transmitter or linear amplifier when one would speak into the microphone with the lights turned down in the shack…  Thanks again Jim and keep up the good work!

73 for now,   Phil Lonzello – WA6LDI


Hi Jim


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the 5 mugs. Excellent job, Excellent Service, and Excellent Quality

I also posted a plug for you on my Facebook page. I have almost 1500 likes. Hope you get some business from it

Thank you,



Hi Jim.  Just wanted to let you know I received the plaque for my husband.  What a hit it was, my husband (Gordon VE3 VCV) loved it. His words were thats soo cool.   I also thought it was nice and is very professionaly done.  My husband has been telling everyone on the radio, so maybe you will get some more orders.  Thanks again for such a awsome job.  Wendy Lightfoot


Hi Jim,

Recieved cup in mail today. MAN!!! AM I IMPRESSED....It is FRICKING BEAUTIFUL!!!!...You do nice work. I will be recommending your work to everyone I know who might need something along this line.

Again, thanks for the GREAT SERVICE!!!! AND GOOD JOB




We received the order in the mail today and we are thrilled!  It is beautiful.  My husband is delighted.  Thank you so very much.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.  Best of luck in the future.

Angie Di Meo


September 2011

Hi Jim-

You will be pleased to know that my mirror arrived today and it is even more impressive than I thought it would be. The lettering is beautiful. This crafting is first class and the leds are brilliant. The remote control gives you so many options. Even my wife, who takes us hams with a grain of salt said, "Now THAT is really impressive." I'm so glad I opted for the larger size and multi-color functions. Needles to say, I will be pleased to hand out your cards at our next club meeting. Please feel free to use my comments on your site. Every ham should have one of these in his or her shack!




W2NJU  PS-I think I'll be ordering that beer mug!


Your package with the 4x13 base, in cherry wood,with the world clock arrived on Saturday.  It is just the best! So smoothly finished, and the world clock adds just the right touch. It was much more than expected. It is lit up now, and sits on my desk .


Thanks again for all of your efforts.


Best regards,


Charles Mihle


Hello Jim,


I just had to write and thank you for the terrific job you did on my order.  The quality is first rate and even better than I imagined. 

Before I even moved it to my shack I set it up in my living room.  I find that I’ve been using the remote for the LED display as much as my TV remote. 

The multicolored LED display is a great touch.  This is a great addition to my shack and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Thanks again.



Bob Kriegseis, WB9VGO


Mine was a custom order because I wanted Orange led's and the script to match what Yaesu (new times roman) uses. I did everything via email, the first email to Jim was returned within an hour, and I believe I sent the email on the weekend. He told me the turn around is about 3 weeks, I got mine in about 2 weeks, I opened the package (very well packaged by the way) and my mouth just dropped, I was so amazed. He did an outstanding job with this order and I highly recommend doing business with him. Thanks Jim...   Michael Bagley KB1OKC


Aloha Jim,,,,  



It is even more elegant than I expected,,,,,,MY Christmas present to me!!!,,,The wood is beautiful and the red letters really stand out perfect!




Hope to meet you on the air sometime too and get you in my log.


73's and again BIG THANKS!! Bill KH6OO  



My boyfriend LOVED his engraved plaque! He had a big smile on his face when he put all the pieces together and plugged it in. (I had wrapped the 3 pieces individually, to make it more of a surprise). He has already taken it to his Radio Shack, no doubt debating exactly where to put it to show it off best! It's a beautiful piece, and the red lights really show it off!

Thanks again for your skill and your customer service! I am so happy to be able to please him on his 65th birthday!

Judy Mears


Jim the light is great to say the least… The RED LED’s look really great…Wood work fantastic…Very Very Pleased. You may use my comments on any advertising… Well worth the wait and money… Something no other ham has…Very personal to me …


Very Best 73's  

Bob Peters W1PE


Hi Jim,

 I received the callsign plaque with the clock this afternoon.   What a beautiful "piece of art" yes art, because that's what it is.  Your attention, care and precision at creating this are really fantastic.   I love it, thank you.

  I've left you a review at eHam .net, describing your work and attention to detail.

Thanks & 73

Jorge K4KB  


Hey Jim!


Got the mirror in the mail today and it looks awesome! It's EXACTLY how I pictured it. I mounted the tube then took a couple of snap shots. I had trouble getting the right kind of lighting so I ended up taking several shots then picked out the two best ones. They appear to be a little dark but I wanted the mirror to stand out. If you would like to use the pics for your website, feel free to do so. Anyway, great job and a big thumbs up.


Thanks again,


Steve Romig  


Hi Jim,


GOT IT!!  All I can say is; it was the best purchase of a ham accessory in my short 5 years in amateur radio.  I have been fighting sickness on top of moving, so I hope you will forgive me for not e-mailing right away! 


One person said they want to get their tech license just so they can have a sign like this. Another friend of mine has the money, but is very....shall we say frugal...cough, cough... but he will give in and get one after he comes to the house a few more times and drools some more.


You have a great product, and I really enjoyed talking to you in Milwaukee.  GREAT JOB!!!!!!


73, David 


Hey Jim,

Sorry to bother you again, but we got the gift just in time for my dad's birthday, and I just wanted to give you a big HIGH 5!! It was even more beautiful in person than in the pictures online, and my dad was blown away by the whole thing!! He thought it was absolutely amazing! He asked about where we got it and I told him and gave him your website. He was interested in what else you sell. But I just want to say thank you very very much for helping make my dad's 72nd birthday such an amazing day!!


Thanks again so much,

JoDee Justus



Satisfied is an understatment!

I want to let you know that I am beyond happy with your work. The whole package is very impressive to say the least. The lighted sign will be the centerpiece at my operating position. The coffee cup is perfect. Unlike many of your competetors who use tradational methods of stamping/printing that wear off over time, your engraving will be there forever.


The entire process from beginning to end was nothing less than professional. It is a pleasure to do business you. As soon as I finish this email I will be sending pictures of my new treasures to all my friends. Rest assured you have a happy customer/friend in Cincinnati.


Thanks again,

Roy Foster



Hi Jim,

Just wanted you to know how pleased i am with the service and quality of products. the clock and stand looks great. and the artwork on the coffee cup looks super.  i can't wait to show my local hams. keep up the great work. thanks again. Vern Thacker..KE5KRG




Hi, Jim--I  picked up the parcel from you this morning.  Actually, it arrived Sat. A.M. but couldn't pick it up then because of no  window service.  Then Monday the wife picked up the mail--she had a parcel, so they left mine sit, thinking hers was the only one there.  Anyway, after all that, I opened mine just now and am well pleased with everything.  The LEDs were white just as I wanted.  The cup is a real eye catcher.  You did a terrific job packing those fragile pieces.  Thanks so much!




I received the plaque and the cup in the mail today and what can I say? WOW!  Superb craftsmanship and I am drinking my first coffee in the new Mug.  These items sure do add to the shack.  Keep up the beautiful work Jim.  I will be ordering again after Christmas

Lee   W0HSN



Very very nice product, great quality and workmanship. I will be ordering more.  I have sent pictures of mine to many people already.

Joe N4JBK  



Great Mug!  The crisp contrast of the white letters on the black mug look great next to my radio gear.  The matching espresso cups are a real treat.

    -James K8JHR


Jim, the mugs arrived today.  I could not be more pleased.  They look fantastic!  73,

-- Tim N9PUZ


My cup arrived today after being lost in the mail.   It is beautiful and i'm proud to display it.   I sort of expected a painted on piece of art work, but this is deeply engraved into the ceremic, great work Jim.



Jim, I finally got hooked up with Bill after our club meeting last night and he gave me the mug you made for me--WOW -- your an artist my friend.  Next month at our April meeting we will have the mugs and publicize them prior to the meeting and I am sure will get some members who would like one..  will keep you updated.

Steve W0SJS


Hello Jim,

I want to commend you on your very fine attention to detail on my cup.  It's the first mug or anything of the sort that i have even seen done like yours.  The engraving is a very clean job and the coloring over it is very smooth color of gold.  Very well crafted indeed.  Not many people pay attention to the fine detail as you do.  It's the only way to do it.  

Being the mug is all new and finely crafted, I have put it up for show in a glass case in the shack.  I am sure any Ham op, new or old would be very proud to show one off as I do.  

Thanks again for the time you took with me on the mug before you went to work on it.  It shows in the work.



Forks, Wa.


Because I was the lucky winner of the cup done by Jim Thibeault, I want to thank Jim personally and Don for coordinating this, and have a few comments.  

I am so highly impressed with the generosity of Jim, but also the beautiful craftsmanship he puts into his work.  

This cup is a thing of beauty, beyond my hopes for sure...  The cup arrived, promptly and safely and it is something to be treasured... It is beautiful.   

Give Engraved Memories consideration should you desire something to treasure..  




MAN!! Do them look nice or what...You did an outstanding job there Jim, I am so pleased, that I don't know what to say.  After the great communication, and continued effort on  your part to make sure what I ordered, I got.   There are few words that  can describe the fine work that you do.  Along with your customer relations is OUTSTANDING!!!!  I am going to let ALL who might want one of these fine pieces of art work to go where I did.  "Jim's Engraving".   When asked, where did you get that?  They will want one also.  Thanks very much Jim 




Hi all.  Recently I purchased some of Jim's fine cups, and posed a serious challenge for him.  I wanted the MARS symbol with my MARS call on one side, the ARES logo with my ham call on the opposite side, and finally, the HRHG logo in the middle opposite the handle.  He told me he had never did a three before, but gave it a go.  I have posted some pics of my shack operating position with the cups on display.  WHAT A GREAT WORK OF ART THESE CUPS ARE!!!  Jim, a public congratulation on a fine job you did!!!!



John Murphy





Got the cups in the mail today and I must say that they are simply stunning!   

Thanks again for the great and prompt service!



Robbie    N0REK


Hi Jim,


I came home from work this evening to find a present waiting for me.  


The sign is absolutely fabulous!!  I am really enjoying it!


Thank You for all your hard work.


73 DE WM3N Bill






Jim's Engraving
Jim's Engraving



First off, thank you for taking the time to look at my web site to see what I have to offer.  You've probably seen my products on Ham Nation, Ham Radio Now, Amateur Logic, the hit tv show starring Tim Allen "Last Man Standing" or at ham fests around the country.  


My main business is sand blast engraving, this is something that I've done strictly as a hobby for quite a few years.  With sand blast engraving I can etch deeper and get finer detail than is possible with laser engraving.


In the past I've mostly engraved coffee cups, beer mugs and a few wedding gifts.  A couple years ago a ham asked me to engrave his call sign into a piece of glass, it looked great, but he didn't have a way to display it.  I did some research and couldn't find anything that would work at a resonable price, so I decided to make one for him out of wood.  It came out great, he showed it around and all of a sudden, I was being asked to make more of them.  That's when I decided to make it a business instead of a hobby.  

You can see examples of the products that I make by clicking on the Ham Shack Essentials button's 1 and 2 at the top of the page.

I have a nice selection of 15 oz El Grande coffee cups in black, white, white with a black handle and rim, almond and red with a white interior as well as a 13 oz beer mug.  

For the bases I stock oak, cherry, mahogany and walnut , the standard sizes and prices are on page 2,but can make any size that you want.  You can see examples on page 2.


As you go down page 2, you'll see some bases with clocks and some with vacuum tubes.  I have 2 choices for the clocks, but for the tubes, you can supply the tube or use what I have in stock at the time you place your order.  Prices for bases with tubes vary depending on the tube, some can be very expensive.

  To place an order or for more information, please contact me via email instead of the telephone, this keeps the order process simple and eliminates errors.   There will probably be a few back and forth emails until I get your base and engraved mirror exactly the way you want it.     If it's absolutely necessary to use the phone, then by all means do it.   If you prefer to phone me my number is 618-409-8284.


For payment I accept all major credit cards, PayPal and personal checks.

Simply hit the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page.  

All orders are shipped via USPS priority mail unless you specify another carrier.


  I do ship outside the United States, send me your address and I'll get shipping costs for you.


Check out the testimonials at the bottom of this page and at Eham.net








As seen on Last Man Standing























Mike Baxter's  (Tim Allen) ham shack on the hit television show, Last Man Standing 



















































































































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